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Something Meaty Tour  Charcuterie, Biltong, Droewors Tour South Africa

Half Day Something Meaty Tour


Meat is meat and a man must eat as the saying goes!
Wine, Beer ... as long as there is meat involved right?
We are the first company in the South African Cape Winelands to offer this tour and we are proud of it.

On the Half Day Something Meaty Tour you can expect anything from Charcuterie to traditional South African biltong and droewors depending on where we go on the day we might even surprise you with rib tips and other delightful meaty morsels.
And just in case you were wondering this tour is NOT suitable for vegetarians and people with any food allergies.
You must also be willing to enjoy both beer and wine as each Something Meaty Tour can be different depending on the establishments open on any given day.
Just a note of interest please join your local gym before you go on this tour with us you are going to need it after this one!
We have two daily starting slots departing the winelands.
From 09h00 and from 13h30
We have limited space on each tour and we work on a first come first serve basis.
Simply fill in the enquiry form below and we will gladly quote accordingly.


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